Gear Services, Inc - Service and commitment to both maritime and shore-based industry.

About Gear Services

For almost 20 years, founder and owner Richard Watler, Sr. has built a solid reputation for quality service. Today, Gear Services employs 20 employees and has over 55 years of combined service experience in the marine industry. Gear Services’ team of professional service technicians are committed to providing the best quality service available to the marine industry. Our motto is “Doing it Right the First Time.” We believe consistency in service will reap better a better return for our customers and our company in the long run.

Gear Services is the Exclusive Masson Marine Gearbox and Propeller Distributor.

Gear Servcies

Authorized distributor of Masson Gears in the U.S.A.

GEAR Services, INC. is an authorized distributor of Masson Gears in the U.S.A.